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Cristina Flores Pescorán

(Lima, 1986)


Graduated from Painting (2013) and Bachelor (2017) from the Pontifical Catholic University of Peru (PUCP).

She develops as a multidisciplinary artist from continuous experimentation with drawing, engraving, ceramics, photography, video art, performance and textile processes. Through all these means, she reflects on the relationship of her body with the space that surrounds her. A body that continually examines it from medicinal practices, family tradition, culture, and feminism with the intention of generating symbolic healing.

Since 2008 he has participated in collective exhibitions of various national spaces such as Peruvian-American Cultural Institute (ICPNA); the PUCP Cultural Center; the Ricardo Palma Cultural Center; the Forum Gallery; the CCORIWASI Cultural Center; the British Cultural Center; the National Library of Peru; and the Place of Memory, Tolerance and Social Inclusion (LUM), Euroidiomas Foundation; Cultural Center Spain in Lima;  Santo Domingo Qorikancha  in Cusco; AMIL project; Impakto Gallery, to name a few. She also in international spaces such as Chicago Art Department (USA, 2020), Museo Nacional de Arte de La Paz (Bolivia, 2019), Coral Gables Museum (USA, 2019), Museu Olho Latino (Brazil, 2010).

She received the "Adolfo Winternitz Prize for Painting", PUCP (2010 and 2011), and was a winner as part of the Textile Laboratory at the International Biennial of Art SIART (Bolivia, 2018); Winning project at the International Art Biennial of Santa Cruz de La Sierra, Bolivia (2019); Selected project "Culture from Home" organized by the Municipality of Lima (2020). She has recently received Honorable Mention in the XXIII Passport Contest for an Artist in Peru organized by the French Alliance of Lima (2020).

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