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My artistic practice is a constant reflection and dialogue between the body, the healing processes, the textile tradition, family memory and feminism to decolonize.


I consider the textile as an extension of my body and I propose a series of rituals and healing processes for recovery, reconciliation, rebellion and empowerment that  They occur through drawing, performance, ceramics, textile processes, installation, photography and video art.

Performance for me, arises since 2014 as a need to condense feelings and generate a socio-political voice which allows me to reflect on the construction of my identity as a woman, and at the same time connect with other diverse bodies in alternative spaces and in constant transformation. .  

"Processes to heal the body", a project in which I have been researching and developing since 2018 as a result of a bodily discomfort. What do we understand by healing and how can we achieve it? This question came to me as a starting point to reconnect with the elements and symbols that surround me, and to rethink decolonial and deconstructed universes.

This space will always be under construction ...

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