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Semillas is a two-person project in which the artists Cristina Flores and Clara Best reflect on childhood memories and family situations that contributed to the construction of their identities as women. The project presents twelve sculptural pieces, a video art and finally a performance proposal in situ.

From the concept of seeds,  Cristina inquires about the experiences she has inherited, reflects on what she offers to her environment and develops a process of self-exploration and healing, and creates  six textile sculptures  from crocheting;  offering seeds whose cultivation affects not only the artist, but all her  environment.


Lazos , Sala Raúl Porras Barrenechea, Ricardo Palma Cultural Center, Lima. (2017)

Video art


Seed Give ,  glass jar, punch, flowers, beige tissue and seeds.

Seed Back ,  glass jar, various objects, white tissue and pearls.

Seed Heal,  pot, avocado seed and white tissue.

Seed Talk ,  white lace and white fabric with red ink.

Seed Beat,  India ink drawing, metal frame and red fabric.

Souvenir seed, glass bottle, tissue, black lace and dry leaves.

Performance Seeds ,

Cristina Flores and Clara Best

Raúl Porras Barrenechea Room,

1:50 min,


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