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Video-art: Cristina Flores 

Edition: Cristina Flores
Year: 2017
Duration 08:51 min

Starting from the origin concept, six sculptural pieces are made that reflect identity and memory. They are elements of the  Cristina's family tradition, such as sewing and weaving and  elements that represent your  childhood and the women of his family.

Seeds and the sowing process  is to talk about  emotions, reconciliation and  the recognition of an intimate healing process, similar to a ritual.

"The sowing process  it will be different for each seed, since each one is particular. Likewise, the reaction of my body, the space and the video reflect symptoms that each seed generates and that are impossible to control. "

Seeds Project
Seed characteristics

  • Seed Give: It is an offering and reconciliation  with my femininity.

  • Seed Back: To reconcile with my childish self.

  • Seed Healing: To start a process of mindfulness.

  • Talking Seed: To reveal traumas, expel them.

  • Throbbing Seed: To heal each  body.

  • Seed Remembrance: It is to forgive and let the dead go.

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