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2017- 121 


According to the Statistical Summary of cases of femicide and attempted femicide attended by the Women's Emergency Centers for the period January-December 2017, there were a total of 121 cases of femicide, of which the largest number of complaints (31) came from Lima.


The work 2017-121 femicides  is a reflective textile installation that talks about violence against women in Peru. Suspended from the ceiling, an immaculate white cloth is manipulated with needles, and from within it sprouts red threads that fall onto a crocheted map of Peru.


Likewise, the elements that compose it serve for the artist to develop a performance proposal.  in which, from inside the structure, she narrates brief anecdotes of violence suffered by herself and other women in her family. It is then, a way of catharting and tackling the problem of violence, which affects many women at all levels.


Art at Step 7 ; Ricardo Palma Cultural Center, Lima.


Construction site:

2017-121 femicides .

Installation of textile piece intervened with wool and needles for performance 250  x  180  cm


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