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Video-art: Cristina Flores Pescorán
Starring: Elia Bardales Canayo (Yabi)
Country: Peru
Year: 2016
Duration 7 minutes

This video collects some thoughts, memories and art that Yabi teacher, Elia Bardales Canayo, affectionately shares with me from my visit to her home in the Shipibo-Konibo community of Cantagallo, Rímac district. His song and what he shares with me is the greatest gift for which I will be deeply grateful.

Elia Bardales Canayo, whose name in Shipibo is Yabi, came from Pucallpa to Lima 16 years ago with her family so that her three daughters get a better education than she had. Her designs are the stories that her grandmother and mother transmitted to her with affection since she was a child, designs that tell us where she comes from and are expressed in the making of necklaces, bracelets and blankets. Currently, Yabi lives in the Shipibo-Conibo community of Cantagallo, Rímac district, along with  with his 3 daughters and 8 grandchildren, looking for a space to sell what he does to get ahead with his family.

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