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MAMA PROTECTORA: Let the wound breathe


Photography: Isidro Lambarri


In the context of the celebrations for the Bicentennial of the Independence of Peru, I decide to create a fiction, a new story of the birth of the National Flag. 

According to the Peruvian poet and narrator Abraham Valdelomar, this national symbol was created by the Argentine independence General Don José de San Martín, who saw those colors in dreams and when waking up in the plumage of the litter birds.

"MAMA PROTECTORA: Let the wound breathe" is a mantle-deity of great dimension, which appears on earth to collect the blood of our dead and heal the wound of our ancestors. It is a gauze that embraces our territory, covers us and in the healing process it is stained red, this is how our Peruvian National Flag was born.


National Museum of Peru, MUNA. Pachacamac

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