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Performance: Cristina Flores

Photography: Isidro Lambarri



"WOMAN OWL. ALWAYS VIGILANT ”, began on April 22 with a performance in which I became a pre-Hispanic deity to monitor what is happening in my country.


In the Mochica culture (2nd and 5th centuries, located on the north coast of Peru), the owl was considered one of the main gods, and was related to the occult, night and death. Deity that connects the visible world with the invisible world and has the ability to connect complementary worlds.


Owl Woman,  appears in the streets of Lima, to monitor what happens in this society and political context of presidential elections. A banner is created with the phrase “Women and dissidents, always vigilant. Strength and Resistance ”to walk the streets of Lima. In this way, an individual march is created that crosses different spaces in the center of the city of Lima: my house, school, market, squares, police station, the Palace of Justice, Congress of the Republic, streets of the Historic Center of Lima, Lima Cathedral, and finally the Government Palace.

Along the way, Bandera and I are rebuilding.

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