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"Waka Woman" is an artistic proposal to generate a sacred dialogue between body-woman and time-space. Open and share a universe of possibilities, where the body and its extension  they become magical portals for reflection and for generating power.


"Procedure to connect with my ancestral surface" is a textile drawing made by means of threads. Using textile techniques inspired by the Chancay Culture, I make a magical fabric that represents my territory as a snake that unites the worlds above and below.


"Sacred bodies for protection ceremony I and II", are two sister textile works that  They serve as portals to extend myself in all the dimensions that allow me. The red in union with my body, become a conduit of energies to revive and strengthen. The black one is the portal that allows me to go and return from the darkness, the space of wisdom in which our dead, our ancestors are.  


When my body dialogues with them, it becomes a sacred space that rises above any conflict and becomes a center of force. From them emanate the connections to bring together the past and the future, to dialogue with the ancestors and deities that inhabited and continue to inhabit with us.


Impakto Gallery, Lima.

Cristina Flores_0010.jpg
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