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INTIMATE RITUAL, is a proposal of self-recognition and dialogue with four women in his family that is reflected through the crochet technique.

A personal reflection on identity that is materialized in four large pieces woven in black, gold, white and red, to speak of the existing bond with his grandmothers, mother and sister. 

This approach was made from the questions about the construction of sexuality from the visibility of female genitality, resulting in a ritual-creative process of reconnection, reconciliation and search for empowerment.

The origin of the colors comes from a color sample taken from the portraits of these women, later each color acquires a particular and own personality, they become symptoms and presences with autonomy.


Paternal grandmother - black

Maternal grandmother - golden

Mom - white

Sister and Cristina - red


Intimo Ritual , Sala Winternitz, Faculty of Art and Design PUCP (2017)

Anguish no longer blooms in my grandmother's womb , crocheted installation, thread and black lace  (250 x 270 cm)

Premature pain, premature silence, in the genital tabernacle of my maternal grandmother, installation, crocheted with golden threads, needle, pins. (300 x 300 cm)

Upward crossing of the maternal clitoris , installation, crocheting with yarn, white cloth, embroidery hoop,  (350 x 190 cm)

Catharsis from the genital anxiety of two dolls, installation, crocheted red threads, (500 x 300 cm)

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