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Huacas Moche, Trujillo, Peru

Photographs: Davis Pérez

Video Registration: Huaqo Gallery  


"Para mi mamita" is a performance at Cerro Blanco - Huacas Moche, Trujillo (Peru) where I make an uphill walk with the intention of generating a dialogue with the goddesses and especially with my maternal grandmother whom we called MAMITA . 

This sanctuary represented the capital of the Moche Culture (1st century BC - 9th century AD) and is located on the north coast of Peru, where my maternal family, my grandmother, and my mother are from. For this reason, the action became something very significant for me, since it was to return to my homeland to perform an action from memory that could transcend time.

For this walk I took with me a textile work that I made between the years 2014-2016. "Tabernacle genital of my maternal grandmother" is a golden thread fabric that I made in memory of my grandmother's death, and that this year I proposed to extend it to generate an energetic point to which I always return.


Exhibition "Magical procedures to return"

Huaqo Gallery

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