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​ 2017


Finalist for the National Prize of Visual Arts Trujillo 2017 , Trujillo.


A summer night on the beach brings together elements that symbolize Cristina's childhood and her relationship with her maternal grandmother, who lived in the city of Trujillo, north of Lima.  -.


This work narrates the nocturnal encounter of four fish in the sea of Huanchaco beach (Trujillo); fish that for the artist represent her maternal grandmother, her mother, her sister and herself. In the scene, the caballitos de totora  [1]  they rest erect, while the golden sea remains in constant activity and its waves shelter the womanly gathering; meeting in which ideas are shared and knowledge is exchanged.

[1] Caballitos de totora are boats woven with reed reed ( Schoenoplectus californicus ). They measure approximately 5 meters high by 1 meter wide, and are often used to transport fishermen. In Peru they have been used since approximately 1500 BCE.

Construction site:

A summer night at the beach .

Mixed media: crochet embroidery and painting, on canvas

90  x  65  x  10  cm



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