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Die a little more every day (Poem 1)

Video-art: Cristina Flores 
Year: 2018
Duration: 01:08  min

Country: Peru  

Video art inspired by the poem  "Die a little more every day"  of the Peruvian poet Blanca Varela  (1926-2009) , is a personal reinterpretation of what it means to detach oneself from one's own body.

In this audiovisual poetry proposal, Cristina  Flowers makes  reference to the part-whole concept from the use of his own body as a universal-cellular cyclical axis, and at the same time warns him vulnerable to the uncertainty of biopsies, to which he will later have to undergo to obtain a medical diagnosis in the face of a skin disease.

"Die every day  a little more "is the first video art in the series" Poems "in which Cristina Flores, as an intimate and emotional diary, analyzes her own body and skin to subject them to a process of healing and regeneration.

​ "Die every day  a little more"

Poem by Blanca Varela


Die every day a little more 

trim nails


the wishes

learn to think small

and in the immense

in the farthest stars

and immobile 

in the sky

stained like an animal that flees

in the sky

scared by me

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