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april 2007

This artistic project is an analysis of the relationship with the maternal bond in the face of migration. In it, geographical spaces are represented as testimonies of family encounters and separations, as well as the loss of innocence and the complex path to maturity. They are emotional textile bodies, which speak of vulnerability to changes and separation anxiety.Rutas a mi, is made with the characteristic fabric of school uniform shirts, which are manipulated like cysts and geographical errors. Freedom, childhood memories, is a light sculptural piece made from paper molds to make dresses for girls in their first communion


Ties,  Raúl Porras Barrenechea Room, Ricardo Palma Cultural Center, Lima (2017)


Jerson Ramírez and Marco Trujillo

Video art

Routes to me

B ordado fabric, and filling frame

160 x 120 x 25 cm


Trujillo- Lima- New Jersey,   

Embroidered on cardboard,

15 x 10 cm


La Libertad, childhood memories

Structure in interlining and embroidery

120 x 80 x 40 cm


La Libertad, childhood memories,  It is a textile sculptural piece assembled from molds from the fashion and pattern magazine Burda . From the molds a cuirass is randomly assembled as a protective response


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