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"Woven Cosmovision" is an artistic project in which Cristina, similar to the necessary act performed by snakes to continue their growth stage, builds a textile universe from the thread and the line of the drawing to indicate her family genetic inheritance and womanish tradition from which she seeks to discard to finally place as a vestige on a wall with pins. Process and action of which it unfolds and expands over space, while carrying out a study of the organs of its body from the drawing.



Woven worldview. Second individual; Santo Domingo Qorikancha Convent, Cuzco (from October 26 to December 3, 2017).


Curator: Jerson Ramírez

Curatorial text

Cosmos. Shedding of skin.

Crocheted of black and gold yarn, pinned to a wall

180  x  150  cm


Cosmos . Mudando de piel is a large-sized crochet fabric, which represents the act of shedding skin, similar to that performed by snakes to continue their growth stage. In this piece, the author's silhouette is observed, like a vestige of a lived stage, a piece of her body with which she unfolds and expands over space.

Body Segments Series

Inner eye; The Scream; Labyrinth of silence; Be good at heart; Cultivating oxygen; Collected thoughts; Past present Future; Navel of my world; Manifestations of the chest; Responses on the skin; Mystery matrix; Traveling feet.

Drawings with Chinese ink and gold paint, on cardboard

48  x  48  cm


Exploration 1. Gold and black acrylic paint on canvas (100  x  100  cm).


Exploration 2. Gold and black acrylic paint on canvas (100  x  100  cm).

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