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​ Rituals are performed for various reasons such as celebration or worship, which are linked to a particular belief. In this case, Cristina adopts the concept of ritual to pose it as an act of self-healing.


The project is born from a personal experience of the author with the ceramic technique, and allows her to create pieces containing water, to initiate an act and a process  healing.


Water is considered a carrier of energy that cleans and heals from within the body; It is a transformative substance that goes deep into cells for physical and mental restoration.


In Ritual 1 , Cristina makes a representation of her own cells, which together form "tissues" of great magnitude, diagrams or constellations, from which she can drink.


Territory of bodies present ; ICPNA, Huaraz.


Construction site:

Ritual  1.

Installation of 75 ceramic pieces

variable measures.


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